Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mrs. Koehlert

The letter about what's happening is below the first link. Print the first image and email your selfie to Thanks in advance for spreading this far and wide!! :)

I was in her class....pdf

Mrs. Koehlert Letter.pdf

Friday, March 30, 2012

Instagram: Random

In no particular order, here are some random pictures from Instragram on my phone.

The boys have been 'camping out' on Matthew's floor for the past three days. Bryan and I were a little nervous about them being in the same room together and what kind of shenanigans they'd get into, but honestly, they've done awesome! They go right to sleep!! On the first night, I went in to check on them and found them sound asleep, cuddling together. Be still my heart!

I love finding little love notes around my house from Ethan! He writes them to everyone! He's turning in to quite a speller!

One night while painting my nails, Ethan asked why boys painted their nails. (We were watching The Voice!) He was especially intrigued by black nail polish on the rock and roll singers. Guess what his request was?! Guess who couldn't be left out??!

Loved watching this giant bumblebee buzz around my flowers! Cuddling...again. This time, watching a movie together. They really can be each other's best friend! Guess who ate the memory homework!!?? Family movie night. We haven't had one of these in ages...and what a cute movie!!

A heart shaped potato! "Mom. Just take the picture. I'm a bug and bugs don't smile."

Matthew and his snowman! I love spring only for the tulips!

Instagram: Chicago

Just a couple fun pictures from my phone! I always love how fun these turn out!

1st Grey Hair

Everyone has always said that Matthew reminds them of my Grandpa Clark when he was a little boy, but this grey hair is just more proof they are right. While walking in the city, I noticed something sticking out of his hair. I couldn't believe it. I found his very first silver hair. I mean was PURE WHITE!! Matthew tried to save it in his pocket. :) I have a feeling he'll be white by time he's 25, just like his Great Grandpa was! Good thing for him, both his Great Grandpa Clark and his dad have great heads of hair!

Niko's Lodge

S'mores after dinner or while you wait...this place takes the cake for my three boys! The food was delicious, too!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Sears {Willis} Tower

Spring break is here!! The boys have been so good at home the past few days, cleaning their rooms, making beds, emptying trash, vacuuming, dusting...even cleaning their bathroom, toilets included. We didn't have plans to go anywhere, so I thought I would surprise them and take them for a day in the city. They last time they were there, it was known as the Sears Tower, and I carried Ethan in a baby Bjorn carrier. As far as I'm concerned, it will always be the Sears Tower, but this time was quite enjoyable. They did an awesome job waiting in line for TWO hours to see the view, too! Once at the top, they weren't disappointed!! It was a beautiful day!

Matthew's one request over spring break was to go to Springfield. He's been obsessing over Abraham Lincoln for the past several months. Since time and money didn't allow that to happen, imagine his surprise when we walked off the elevator and saw several Lincoln artifacts and souvenirs!

These two did awesome!

To top it off, Matthew made my day within 5 feet of walking out of the parking garage. "Mom. That guy was ALL up in your business. Well, that's because I have one, hot mom!" Man, I knew I loved that kid for a reason! He's officially on my favorite list!! :)

A Walk by the Lake...

After the Sears {Willis} Tower trip, we drove over to take a walk around the lake. In my 34 years of living in Illinois, I'm sad to say I've never been on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. WE decided, much to the dismay of Ethan, to make it all our first time riding it together. Brrr. It sure was cold and windy up there, but the view was spectacular. Watching Ethan and Matthew singing Frank Sinatra songs that were piping through our carriage, was a highlight for me!! :)

After our ride, we decided to keep walking to Millennium Park and stop for a few photo ops!

A photographer from PIF (Pay It Forward) asked the boys to model their new bracelets. They are supposed to be on the website. I may have lost my "Mother of the Year" status and become that gullible mother. We'll see the verdict is still out on this!!

This picture of Ethan was immediately after he collapsed on the ground from excitement. This boy was so excited to run around The Bean, he couldn't contain himself. I told him a couple times to stay close, but he photo bombed about 10 different family pictures, wondered off, and as we watched, Matthew and I moved from his view. Panic set in. The frantic running began. Darting from one end to the other. FEAR was in his eyes, until he turned around and saw us right behind him. AHHHH, relief. Let's just say, he didn't leave my side again! Matthew, on the other hand...

Can I just brag about how awesome these two guys were?! The entire day! Seriously!! No complaining. A little begging (for mini-golf), but this was a great day as a mom! On the way home, they both told me how thankful they were for such a great day. They even said it was one of the best days ever. What a great way to end my day!!

He's a Schol.

Ethan is a Schol, through and through. He reminds many people of my dad...especially in one specific way! He can only work if his tongue is hanging out! When it comes to playing video games, that tongue comes out even farther.